Why Join PMA?


The Parenting Media Association(PMA) offers members numerous ways to connect, share, learn and grow their regional parenting media companies. In addition to the benefits listed below, the PMA staff will help you find members with the expertise in areas of interest to you, so please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Live Events

PMA hosts several events per year, including the annual convention & awards ceremony and regional open house meetings hosted by a member in their city.  

Group Networking Calls

PMA hosts regular conference and training calls by category so like-minded members in Editorial, Sales and Publishing can meet on a regular basis to share ideas about best practices and learn from industry experts who moderate the training calls. Once you are a member, you can visit the Group Training area to see upcoming webinars, conference calls within your area of interest and click to register for any number of events throughout the year.

Website Resources: Best Ideas, Sales Training, Industry News

Our website offers updated information to our members, opportunities to join group calls and register for events, read the latest trends in publishing and find resources for sales training, and “Best Ideas” from other parenting media publishers on advertising promotions, hosting events and launching special ancillary issues to help you run an effective media business.


PMA sends out a regular e-newsletter written by and for members, covering topics such as Sales, Editorial, Design, “Best Ideas” and Business Management.  The monthly feature called “PMA Pays” is a step-by-step guide to implement a program that could generate immediate results for your business. Some members say they see a return on their investment to join PMA quickly and easily through the ideas shared in our E-Newsletter which is why it is available only to members.


We all enjoy being recognized for a job well done and PMA hosts an Editorial, Design and Marketing Awards program that is rigorously judged by the Missouri School of Journalism. The awards process begins in early December and the judges reveal the winners at the annual convention awards banquet- an event that is not to be missed.


The greatest benefit of PMA is the opportunity to join a network of experienced publishers who freely share their history, ideas and knowledge. Many members have received a jump start on a new initiative or avoided a serious mistake in implementing a new idea, by having the opportunity to bounce ideas off this pool of experienced and talented colleagues. Members interact on a regular basis and have built long lasting business relationships that sustain and fortify their growth and success.

We invite you to apply for membership and see how PMA can help you reach your business goals!