2020 Fall Virtual Roundtable


September 24-25, 2020

Thursday, September 24
1-1:50pm EST

Harnessing Our Collective Power to Improve Traffic, Engagement and Our Bottom Line

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Every wonder why mommy bloggers have so much social engagement? Part of their formula for social success is working together to support each other’s individual brands by “liking” and commenting on each other’s posts. They have leveraged the “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch your back” philosophy to help each other grow and improve their business model. Why can’t the PMA members do the same thing? This exploratory session will delve into ideas for how we can create a collective with specific goals for helping each other grow – in traffic, engagement and, ultimately, our bottom line. Join us to hear some ideas, share your own and potentially take part in a new path of harnessing our collective power.  Facilitated by Julia Elliot, Content Director for Metro Parent and Chicago Parent.

Trends, Hot Topics, How Big Media and Advertising Companies are Pivoting

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The big guys are making the most of the pandemic, gobbling up as much of the ad spend as they can. Digital share of total ad spend will top 60%. Join Charity Huff, 20+ year digital media and marketing veteran, to dig into what’s happening in the world of digital advertising. You’ll be surprised to see who the players are and who you are actually competing against in your market.

Virtual Events Roundtable

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Many publishers are finding success replacing live events with virtual events. Hear about the trending platforms (HopIn, Zoom, Brella, Hey Summit), what you’ll need for local A/V support, how to create a virtual registration area, engage sponsors and more! Panelists include Stewart Day, Melissa Chowning and Cate Sanderson.

Deep Dive into Digital Editions

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Digital editions have replaced printed copies in many markets since COVID hit. Eric Shanfelt of Nearview Media will tell us about digital edition best practices, distribution methods and the numbers that count in digital editions. We will live time for “ask the digital expert” questions on websites, podcasts, SEO, SMO (social media optimization!) and more!
Friday, September 25
1:30-2:20pm EST

360 Tours VS 3D Mapping – how to get into new spaces with new Clients.

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Sell to your current customers and pick up many more by thinking outside the box. Many people are selling 360 tours, but hear how Baton Rouge Parents has sold 3D scans to generate significant new revenue.  In this session, Brandon Foreman will teach you the difference between a 360 tour and 3D scan and how to turn it into a platform that opens doors to work with new customers and makes you “sticky” with your current advertisers.

The COVID Case Studies: Tactical, Real-Life Case Studies that are Working for PMA Members

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CVC: It’s All About Audience
Your press run is down, but are you delivering more to your advertisers than ever before? Although most PMA members have had to cut back on their print circulation, that is not whole story. Many PMA members have experienced significant increases in website visitors, digital edition readers, social media followers, email subscribers, and audience increases for video, podcasts and blogs. This session will show you how to present your true dominance of the family audience in your market.
Second Street: Delivering Advertiser Results in the COVID Era
The advertiser landscape changed dramatically with the onset of COVID and the ensuing economic fallout. See how PMA members leveraged digital promotions to not only retain business, but also secure new business during the worst of COVID, and continue to do so as a new world emerges.
January Spring: Stay in Front of Readers/Advertisers by Showing your Digital Reach
Learn how to stay top of mind with readers and advertisers by hearing case studies of how we’ve marketed magazines to readers, so they know how to find your content online and to advertisers so they know of your reach and influence in the market.You’ll learn about the hot categories to target now, see some great performing campaign examples and learn how to leverage your audience and how to market to your advertisers.
Broadstreet: Getting Up to Speed on Digital Ad Packages, Fast
COVID has pushed more print publishers online, creating the need to build out winning digital advertising packages and reporting ability in a short period of time. See how PMA and similar publishers got up and running with minimal time and effort.
4-5:00 pm

Editorial Roundtable

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Editors meet to discuss adaptation strategies as they continue to navigate unchartered waters. Moderated by Tamara O’Shaughnessy of Chicago Parent and Erin Page of MetroFamily Magazine.
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